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  1. celentano:

    увы у меня полный текст не влезает…

  2. celentano:

    решил откликнуться на призыв отца Димитрия в этом видеою Вот мой перевод этого видео:
    Esteemed Konstantin Valeryevich, your Holiness and all the honorable guests. This audience consists of likeminded people and we are very much concerned with what is going on in the world today.And there isn’t much new in it . God and the Devil are fighting, and the battlefield is the heart of man, as Dostoyevsky said. But the number of those who would rather serve God than the Devil is overwhelmingly higher. This fact should instill us with optimism and belief in our victory, though the overall picture is not very rosy. Our adversary doesn’t play by the rules. He is the father of lie. And if a politician shares our views he can join in our struggle on his own level. A priest can personally help parishioners who have large families. A bishop can do the same in his diocese. A businessman, if it is within his means, can set up and run a perinatal center and take a few families under his wing and thus set an example to others. We know such people. If it is a teacher, in spite of all the satanic curricula he can tell his students the truth.

  3. Sergey V:

    Спаси Господи и помощи Божьей отцу Димитрию! Поздравляю батюшку с праздником второго обретения мощей святителя Митрофана Воронежского!

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